Top 5 apps to read text messages from another for free

Today many people want to learn how to spy on text messages. Text messages are the most common communication method between people, as sending and receiving is done instantly. If you are busy doing something, you can quickly send a text message and notify the receiver that you can get in touch later. Text messages are also very convenient way of communication and they usually get deleted right after sending or receiving. With a good app you can easily check someones messages even if they have deleted them. Today there are many apps out there, but not all of them provide you with the opportunity to know how to read text messages from another for free. Consider the next five apps for reading someones messages, as these are labeled to be some of the best you can find.

spy on text messages


This is a great application for spy text that comes with plenty of handy features.  You can track all text messages, even those that have been previously deleted, check call logs, emails that have been sent and received, and even WhatsApp and Viber communication. There is also a GPS tracking feature for the targeted phone. One of the best things regarding this app is that it has great customers support and many people have been satisfied with how it functions. It can provide you with all the tracked information from the targeted phone, but one minor setback is that this app is a bit more expensive to buy.


This is one of the most popular applications for reading someones messages and also very effective. It comes with plenty of great features. Spyzie is very easy to use app and you do not have to possess special computer skills in order to use it. It is good for monitoring text messages, social media activity, phone records and other things. This app is very affordable, effective and you can use it for many other things besides reading someones messages.


This is a very reliable and effective app with which you can learn how to read someones text messages without having their phone. It has top tracking features and it will provide you with very detailed data about the sent and received text messages of the tracked phone. The app is also very easy to use and with it you can track all types of messages whether it is SMS, Skype, Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp. However, this app does not come with feature for parental control, so it is not best for parents to use.


This is a great application for sms spy, because it has been developed with that purpose – to monitor texts. It has shown proven effective results in spying on BlackBerry users, and it can track all kinds of data including online activity, sms messages, call records, address book, etc. This app also provides you with very detailed information regarding the tracked device, which is a great plus. However, there is no free trial so you have to buy the application in order to use it.


Mobistealth is an excellent choice for reading someones messages without ever touching the targeted phone. Probably the best thing regarding this application is that it provides you with extremely thorough information regarding the tracked data. You can easily and remotely check everything straight from your dashboard. Mobistealth can easily monitor different things like SMS messages, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp messages, call logs and other things. It is also an undetectable application that is very easy to use, but unfortunately it does not provide GPS tracking feature.