How to hack with NMap and Command Prompt

This is a free app for network discovery and security audit. It is open source and its functions can be extended to network inventory, service upgrade schedules and monitoring host or service uptime. The app uses IP packets to   determine what hosts are on network, offerings by applications on hosts, operating systems running and firewalls available. The application runs on major operating systems and can be used on large networks. This makes Nmap one of the best phone hack apps.

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Nmap Suite tools

  1. Zenmap – this the graphic user interface
  2. Ncat – lets you do data transfer, redirect and debug
  3. Ndiff – packet generation and response analysis

Benefits of Nmap

  1. This is a very flexible tool that uses advanced technologies for mapping out networks that may have firewalls and routers.
  2. The application is powerful enough to scan thousands of networks and in many machines.
  3. It comes with a very easy to use graphics user interface making it suitable for people with no programming knowledge.
  4. You have a free open source code that you can modify.
  5. The large community of web users have enabled a lot of modifications on the app. They have also been able to eradicate a lot of bugs in the app. You can easily join Nmap mailing list to become a member.
  6. The app is very popular and has been extensively downloaded. This gives the app credibility. The app also won the “information product of the year” which was run by Linus journal.

Nmap started as linux only app but extended to windows and other platforms. The app lets you probe computer networks including host discovery and operating system detection.

Just like any good app, nmap is used by network administrators to access their own networks for vulnerability but it can be used gain unauthorized access to computer systems. Hackers will use it where there are vulnerable network portals and do port scanning, enabling them use this phone hacking app remotely.

Various uses of Nmap

  1. Finding vulnerabilities in a network.
  2. You can audit the security of a device by or firewalls by checking network connections been made.
  3. Network inventory, mapping, maintenance and asset management.
  4. Network audit through identification of new servers.
  5. Generating traffic to hosts on a network.

Zenmap was originally called nmapFE and was developed by Zach Smith. Zenmap is based on UMIT and was developed by Adriano Monteiro Marques. You can run zenmap from various web based interfaces like NMAPWin, which is specifically for Microsoft windows.


You have four different outputs when running Nmap. Nmap can be manipulated by text processing software enabling users to create customized reports.

  1. XML – format can be processed by XML tools and be converted to a HTML report
  2. Grepable – its tailored to line – oriented processing tools such as grep
  3. Normal – this is the output you see when running Nmap command line
  4. Interactive – this is presented real time when one runs Nmap from the command line

Nmap is a great tool for network enthusiastic, you can easily  check vulnerable points in a network but it can also be used as a hacking tool. Nnmap has a large community of users who ensure there no bug issues. If you are asking yourself how to hack an android phone remotely, then Nmap is your solution.